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EAF's Debut Novel Following the Snow

Epic Romantasy

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One hundred years ago the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms allied themselves to combat a force so heinous that the ensuing war destroyed three Kingdoms entirely. As the nations of Ærta began to rebuild, blessed Obligates were trained to ensure the future harmony of the continent's people. Follow Troth Eira as she navigates her new life and new relationships at Verus Temple, a place where she quickly learns, not all is as it seems. 


Booktok Nominated
Favorite Romantasy Reads!
Book 2 of the Obligates of Ærta Series,
Snow on the Summit coming February 29,

Though not the life of her choosing, Eira is fated to start anew with the men of Monwyn in hopes to escape enslavement  As she learns about her past and stops dreaming about her future, she commits herself to her sacred duties as an Obligate, all the while navigating the murky waters of court politics and the beating of her heart.


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